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We have been providing Power BI consulting since the product launch, on 2015!

We have created, designed, and implemented reporting solutions to many organizations across 5 continents.

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Our services


We can help you with any project related to Power BI reporting.


You can get the source files for the premade dashboards we've built.


Learn how to leverage your data and build impactful dashboards.

What is Power BI ?

Power BI is a business analytics service by Microsoft. It aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities to end users in order to create their own reports and dashboards.

Go from data to insight to action

We can help you explore your on-premise or cloud data, automatically find patterns, understand what your data means.

Artificial Intelligence with Power BI

The new AI capabilities will help you predict future outcomes, and get actionable insights to drive business results.

Our project methodology

We provide strategic assessments with stakeholders to determine the objectives that are most relevant to your organization.
We will then deploy a project plan to help you achieve your data and reporting requirements.

Requirements Discovery & Strategic Prototyping

We compile your needs often via interviews. Then we leverage your data in an agile prototyping session in order to define the detailed requirements.

Blueprinting & Development

We create Power BI dashboard mockups and we start the development in iterations, progressively delivering small components of the solution.

Support, Training and Expansion

We deploy the Power BI solution and make sure it's bringing value to the business. We often organize hands-on workshops or virtual trainings before we switch to support mode.

What you get with Infinity Analytics

  • Connecting to your datasources
  • Cleaning your data
  • Data modeling and relationships
  • Creative dashboards design
  • Artificial Intelligence implementation
  • Predictions and forecasting
  • Mobile ready dashboards
  • Data refresh scheduling
  • Dashboards publishing and sharing
  • Data dictionary and documentation

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